Below is a collection of items FOR SALE at City Square. We acquire these over time from former tenants and leftover items in storage spaces. Come find a deal!

For more information call 615-824-7290 for additional information.

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Hi-Fi and Electronics Equipment

Alesis Midiverb II digital effects processor $50
Midiman 8x8 midi interface $25
Technics 7 band graphic equalizer SH8017 $50
Mackie 1402 VLC PRO 14 channel mixing console $250
PA 120 2 channel Power Amp $270
Proteus 2000 EMU Systems sound module $85
Tascam 106 mixing board $50
Sharp VHS Video Cassette Recorder $25

Sanyo Cassette Deck RD W59 $25
Sony AM/FM Stereo Amp/Receiver $120
Wollensak T-1500 Reel to Reel tape recorder $75
Technics 400 Amp/receiver $65
2ea Fostex Studio monitor RM765 $200
Ensonic EPS 16+ synthesizer/sampler plus case $200
Pioneer 12D Stereo Turntable (33 + 45 rpm) $30
IBM Selectric Electric typewriter $50